Hot Fusion- (3 to 6 months)


Keratin Dip strands of extensions, made to help promote a stronger bond that is fused to your natural hair and the bond itself aids in supporting hair growth since it is made of natural ingredients. Very Natural looking and feeling. Can wear a variety of styles. Safe to wear for long periods of time with proper maintenance. For Medium/Fine to thick hair clientsRead more


Keratin dip extensions made into a u shape to aid in securing the natural hair strands in the central of the bond for a fuller looking bond. Also aids in protecting the strands. Very versatile in styling. Can wear for long period of time with maintenance. Not for fine texture clients.

Cold Fusion( 1 to 4 months)

Tape In

The lightest form of extensions on the market. It’s leave the hair feeling light, and natural. Best for fine to medium/Fine texture hair clients. Very temporary service last a few weeks to 2 months with maintenance. Read more

I-Tips MicroLinks

Each I-tip placement is used along with microLink cylinders, protected by a silicons insert. This added protection is needed for the longevity of wearing these sort of extensions. If they don’t have this you will run the risk of breakage. I personally only work with Silicons filled beads and they are MRI friendly, for those who are concerned about the metal casing. Most clients with Thick to medium hair will get these and they can last a long period of time with maintenance.

Micro Beaded Extension (Braidless Install

If you can’t do braids, the MicroLinks sew in is the best solution to securing a head full of wetted extensions. It’s a great quick service that can give you the best of all worlds when looking for something semi-permanent. Semi light weight and gives tons of volume. Good for all textures and densities. We can adjust the amount added for Versatile styling options. Last 2 months no more than 3 with maintenances.

Weave Installs- (1 to 2 months)

most of these services will require maintenance on the clients end. Must book a consultation for Laces and unit installation.


The most natural!!! Very versatile. We leave 2 inches of your natural hairline out and one parting section. Services requires a lot of maintenance on your end. Read more

Full w closure

Don’t like your hair out, then this is an option. This install will give you bangs and custom closure. Nothing like leaving it all under, because Texas Heat can be brutal on natural hair. With this install you can “A Kooma Matata” Leave your worries behind!!

Lace Closure

Lace Love! We do love us some good lace installs. If you like it to look natural , with no leave out and have a part, then this is the one you might want to book. Nothing like a protective style you can wear and still have a few good styling options.

Lace Units

Wigs DONT have to look like wigs. With a little bleach here and a lot plucking there. These units can look extremely natural hair. So book your next unit install with a Professional, don’t do it yourself, when we specialize in these things you can trust us to do it right the first time.